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1. What systems have to take part in the Stage 2 Rule?
2. How is compliance determined for DBPs?
3. Why does my sample paperwork say to collect on a Sunday/or a holiday? Are we really supposed to collect on this day?
4. What if I missed the sample date listed on the sample form from the lab?
5. What do I do if my system or the system I purchase from is performing a free chlorine burnout?
6. Who do I contact if I have not received my sample bottles?
7. My samples were rejected. What do I do now, and how do I found out why they were rejected?
8. How do I get my water system on reduced monitoring for DBPs?
9. What do I do if my sample bottle or cap is broken?
10. After I take my samples, how long do I have to get them to KHEL?
11. Which systems have to test for TOC (DBP precursors), Bromate, and Chlorite/Chlorine Dioxide?