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1. Do I have to submit a fee for an approval?
2. I am applying for a construction permit and a fee is required. Who should the check be made out to?
3. How many copies of my notification of construction or modification should I send in?
4. How many copies of my PSD permit application do I need to send in?
5. Who is qualified to sign a notification of construction or modification for a facility?
6. Do emergency generators require permitting?
7. There has been a change of ownership at my facility. How do I notify the KDHE of the ownership change?
8. My permit requires a Method 9 test. Can I conduct my own test, and do I have to get my certification in Kansas?
9. How can I request that information in my permit application be kept confidential?
10. I need a construction permit or approval for the equipment I want to install. Can I go ahead and order the equipment or begin foundation work prior to getting the permit?
11. I have applied for and received a permit for some new equipment. What are some common compliance problems that occur with new permit holders?
12. I have a Class II permit that contains limits. If I apply for a construction permit, how does this affect my Class II permit?
13. I am subject to a Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) rule that applies only in Johnson and Wyandotte Counties, both of which are in attainment for the standard. Am I still subject?
14. 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 60 reporting requirements have changed to semi-annual for most facilities. My permit quotes the old Part 60 requirements. Can I change reporting to semi-annual?
15. My permit requires a performance test within a specified time period because of equipment subject to 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 60 requirements. Can I have an extension?
16. What is a non-road mobile engine and how does KDHE regulate them?
17. How does KDHE permit the venting of casinghead gas at gas well facilities?