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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Adamson, Rebecca Preparedness Program Director 785-296-5529  
Bell, Edward Preparedness Deputy Director 785-296-7428  
Beebe, Lisa Preparedness Grants Team Supervisor 785-296-8774  
Roberts, James Preparedness Public Information Officer 785-296-1984  
Kraft, Jennifer State Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator    
Griffith, Nancy Compliance Coordinator 785-296-8115  
Riggles, Jackie Senior Administrative Specialist 785-296-4006  
Wilkerson, Tamara Grant Manager 785-296-2742  
Wist, Katherine Operations Assistant 785-296-3570  
Aspegren, Cynthia Preparedness Systems and Outreach Specialist 785-296-5075  
Johnson, Luke Training and Exercise Coordinator 785-296-1882  
Kelly, Amber MCM / SNS / CRI Program Manager 785-296-3180  
Gunsalus, Beth K-12 Education and Outreach Project Manager 785-213-6898  
Kelley-Laurie, Sarah COVID Grant Manager    
Allenbrand, Jennifer Workforce Development Grant Manager 785-496-0178  
Beale, Danelle Workforce Development Funds Program Manager 785-207-4995  
Rafferty, Peter HCC Program Manager 785-296-5009  

Medical Reserve Corps 
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