Public Water Supply


1000 SW Jackson Street
Suite 420
Topeka, KS 66612




Link: Public Water Supply Page

Name Title Email Phone
Patch, Kristi Administrative Assistant 785-296-5525
Schuckman, Clinton Operator Certification Program 785-296-2976
Schuyler, Teresa Operator Certification Program 785-296-5511
Springer, Amelia   785-296-5523
Tucker-Vogel, Cathy Public Water Supply Section Chief 785-368-7130
White, Linda Administrative Specialist (785) 296-5514

Capacity Development & Enforcement Unit 
Link: Capacity Development and Enforcement Unit Page

Name Title Email Phone
Croy, Patti Consumer Confidence Report Rule and Enforcement 785-296-3016
Springer, Amelia Capacity/Program Development and Enforcement Unit Chief 785-296-5523
Tucker, Christopher Development of Regulations and Enforcement 785-296-5946
Ullery, Karrie Data Management and Public Water Supply Inventory 785-296-6340

Compliance & Data Management Unit 

Name Title Email Phone
Dornes, Joe Stage 2 DBP Rule 785-296-6434
Gavin, Rob Compliance and Data Management Unit Chief 785-296-0643
Huard, Christianne Phase II/V Rules 785-296-0577
Reichart, Emily Total Coliform Rule 785-296-5518
Sands, Dianne Surface Water Treatment Rule 785-368-8336
Smith, Jenny Lead and Copper Rule, Radionuclide Rule 785-296-0694

Engineering & Permits Unit 

Name Title Email Phone
Clair, Dan Engineering and Permits Unit Chief 785-296-5516
Darbro, Edward Plan Review 785-296-6164
Haring, Ben Plan Review 785-368-8337
Stephenson, Todd Plan Review 785-296-5539

State Revolving Fund Unit 

Name Title Email Phone
Diegel, Brenda Loan Application, Loan Repayments 785-296-4262
Gehrt, Debbie SRF Loan Disbursements 785-296-5538
Keitel, Wade Construction Representative 785-296-1988
Mtawali, C. Mazaza State Revolving Fund Unit Chief 785-296-5504