What are Partner Services?

When someone tests positive for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) a Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) will offer Partner Services. These are free and confidential sexual health services offered by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). Partner services are offered to people who test positive for certain STIs, including syphilis, HIV, and monkeypox. Partner Services are offered to help prevent the spread of STIs and to prevent people who have been treated for STIs from getting infected again.

DIS contact people with STIs and their sex partners to:

· Answer their questions about STIs

· Help connect people with treatment if they have not already been treated

· Notify partners they may have been exposed to an STI

· Help partners get tested and treated for STIs

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1. What are Partner Services?
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5. Can I tell my partners myself?
6. If I have been treated, why do I (or a DIS) need to tell my partners they may have been exposed?
7. Why are my partners any of the health department’s business?
8. A DIS told me I may have been exposed to an STI—why can’t I know who named me?