What is the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)?

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a group of locally organized healthcare and non-healthcare volunteers working to strengthen the health and safety of communities. The goal of the MRC is to identify, credential, train, and prepare volunteers before a natural disaster or incident. The MRC believes that prepared communities lead to prepared states, which creates a prepared nation.

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1. What is the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)?
2. I’m not a medical professional. Can I still volunteer?
3. What will I do as an MRC volunteer?
4. What is the time commitment?
5. How can I apply?
6. There is not an MRC unit in my area, what should I do?
7. Will I get paid?
8. What liability protection is available for volunteers?
9. What is SERV-KS? Do I have to register in that too?