How is the blood spot screening performed?

Blood spots are collected by a healthcare provider trained in the collection process. The medical professional will use a heel lancet to collect blood on a specific type of filter paper. Once the specimen has dried, it is sent to the Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratories (KHEL) by express mail or courier and should arrive within 24 hours of collection.

KHEL then tests the specimens on various devices and instruments validated for newborn screening. If one or more of the screens return with an out-of-range result, the child’s parents and primary care provider are notified by the Newborn Screening Follow-Up Program that the baby needs additional testing.

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1. How are blood spots collected for screening?
2. How is the blood spot screening performed?
3. How will I find out the results?
4. What if my baby has an abnormal or out-of-range result?
5. What happens to the blood specimen after the screening?