What types of activities do not need IRB approval?
  • Scholarly and journalistic activities (e.g., oral history, journalism, biography, literary criticism, legal research, and historical scholarship), including the collection and use of information, that focus directly on the specific individuals about whom the information is collected.
  • Public health surveillance activities, including the collection and testing of information or biospecimens, are conducted, supported, requested, ordered, required, or authorized by a public health authority. The activity needs to be conducted by a public health authority to meet this criterion. Such activities are limited to those necessary to allow a public health authority to identify, monitor, assess, or investigate potential public health signals, onsets of disease outbreaks, or conditions of public health importance (including trends, signals, risk factors, patterns in diseases, or increases in injuries from using consumer products). Such activities include those associated with providing timely situational awareness and priority setting during the course of an event or crisis that threatens public health (including natural or man-made disasters).
    • It should be noted that the Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) projects, while considered public health surveillance, do require KDHE IRB approval. Per K.S.A 65-2422d(d) KDHE shall permit the use of data contained in vital statistical records for research purposes only, but no identifying use of them shall be made. KDHE shall permit the use of birth, death, and stillbirth certificates as identifiable data for purposes of maternal and child health surveillance and monitoring only with approval from the KDHE IRB.
  • Collection and analysis of information, biospecimens, or records by or for a criminal justice agency for activities authorized by law or court order solely for criminal justice or criminal investigative purposes.
  • Authorized operational activities (as determined by each agency) in support of intelligence, homeland security, defense, or other national security missions.

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