What is KDHE doing about this?
  • KDHE has been in contact with CDC to make sure we have the most up-to-date information on AFM and we will facilitate the shipment of specimens to CDC for lab testing as needed
  • KDHE is working to educate providers on what to look for and actions to take if a patient comes to them with symptoms
  • KDHE will continue to investigate cases and share information as needed
  • Once a suspect case is reported to KDHE, we work closely with health care providers to coordinate the collection of specimens and additional clinical information

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1. What's the situation in Kansas?
2. What is AFM?
3. Are these cases related to Polio?
4. How many cases of AFM do we typically see each year in Kansas?
5. What is KDHE doing about this?
6. Where can we find more information about AFM?