What's the situation in Kansas?
  • Kansas reported one confirmed case of AFM in 2018
  • KDHE is investigating one person with symptoms consistent with AFM
  • KDHE and CDC use a standard definition for surveillance purposes and classify potential cases of AFM by thoroughly reviewing medical and radiologic information
  • Classifying these cases can take some time to complete due to the complexity of this condition, to collect and test clinical specimens, and collect clinical information that is reviewed by a panel of experts
  • Clinical diagnosis, management, and treatment of patients should not rely on the case classification process

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1. What's the situation in Kansas?
2. What is AFM?
3. Are these cases related to Polio?
4. How many cases of AFM do we typically see each year in Kansas?
5. What is KDHE doing about this?
6. Where can we find more information about AFM?