How was I chosen to participate in PRAMS?

Your name was picked at random from the state births for the month that you received the questionnaire. Only a small number of women are chosen to help with this project. By choosing names at random, we are able to get a general idea of the health of moms and their newborn babies. In other words, we are not picking just one type of person or situation - all situations are important and it is likely that your story will be like other women that were not chosen.

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1. What is PRAMS?
2. How was I chosen to participate in PRAMS?
3. Why should I participate in PRAMS?
4. Will my answers be kept private?
5. Is it really important that I answer these questions?
6. Some of the questions do not seem related to health care – why are those questions asked?
7. How can I request PRAMS data
8. What if I want to ask more questions about PRAMS?