How are private & public water bodies defined?

As defined in the KDHE Agency Response Plan:

"a private water body is any freshwater reservoir or pond that is both located on and completely bordered by the land under common private ownership or is not accessible to the general public (i.e., access by the general public is controlled or restricted in some manner. "

Lakes that are a part of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, Tourism Walk-In Fishing Access, and Walk-in Hunting Access Program will be treated as public waters when these lakes are open to the public and could be included in HAB response during the HAB season (April 1st to October 31st).

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1. How are private & public water bodies defined?
2. I have a farm pond or own property adjacent to a private lake. Can KDHE sample & test it?
3. I believe that one of my animals got sick or died from exposure to blue-green algae on a privately-owned waterbody. Whom do I contact?