Can HABs cause illness in animals?

Yes. State veterinarians have confirmed several cases of dog deaths due to harmful algal bloom toxins within the state of Kansas. When a HAB is present, pets should not be allowed near the shore where decaying algae may be visible. Ingesting enough toxin, either through drinking the water, licking the affected water or algae from their fur or paws, or eating the decaying algae, could lead to illness or death. Horses and cattle are also very susceptible to toxins due to the quantity of water they consume, and they should not drink water from ponds or lakes with a blue-green algae bloom. Pets and livestock should not be allowed in or near ponds or lakes with a blue-green algae bloom.

If a bloom is suspected, take the following precautions for your livestock and animals:

  • Train dogs to come to you for a drink of water and, carry potable water for your dogs when out hunting or going for walks along the shoreline.
  • Don't let your dog(s) retrieve waterfowl swimming in a waterbody affected by a HAB.
  • Move livestock to an alternate source of water.

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1. Can HABs cause illness in animals?
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