How old is the Kansas Trauma System?

In 1999, the Advisory Committee on Trauma (ACT) was established by Kansas statute (K.S.A. 75-5663 to 75-5670). The Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) was tasked with administering the program and thus the Kansas Trauma System was born. From there, Trauma regions were outlined and dubbed "Regional Trauma Councils" and executive committees were chosen among peers to lead each council of general members.

A Trauma Registry database was put in place. Representatives from a variety of professional organizations including hospital associations, medical societies, EMS, nurse associations and legislators serve on the ACT to help guide the overall direction of the system. KDHE then develops the rules and regulations necessary to carry out the decisions.

To answer your question, we're a little over 20-years-old. We like to think our program is entering its "college years" and that means making those life-defining decisions all 20-year-olds make.

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