I missed my collection day. What do I do?

Please take your sample on the next Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday that does not fall on or around a holiday. The sample must be collected within the scheduled month.

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1. I missed my collection day. What do I do?
2. Can you test my well?
3. What about water supply address or personnel changes?
4. How does the Lab mail out the collection kits?
5. How do I handle collection kits that are delivered while I still have bottles to collect?
6. What can I do if I have sent my sample, but forgot to fill out the collection card?
7. What if there is a small amount of liquid or white powder in the bottle. Is it safe to use?
8. What should I do if the lid on the bottle is loose?
9. I had a positive sample and sent in a box of 3 Repeat samples, and now I have another box of 3 samples, what are they for?
10. I collected my sample but forgot to mail it or I know my sample will be too old.
11. Where do I take the replacement for my rejected sample?