What will I do as an MRC volunteer?

Kansas MRC units participate in a wide range of activities. No two KS MRC units are exactly the same! Here is a random sampling of just some of the activities that KS MRC is involved in:

  • Hold CPR trainings
  • Provide medical support at an Ironman Triathalon
  • Participate in mass dispensing events
  • Provide vaccinations at local voting sites
  • Hold handwashing campaigns
  • Support the American Red Cross at a Special Needs Shelter
  • Give Tetanus shots to residents of Greensburg, Kansas following the tornado

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1. What is the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)?
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3. What will I do as an MRC volunteer?
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6. There is not an MRC unit in my area, what should I do?
7. Will I get paid?
8. What liability protection is available for volunteers?
9. What is SERV-KS? Do I have to register in that too?