Where does the data come from?

Vital Statistics: Legacy birth data (1994 to present) is extracted nightly from Vital Statistics. On average, 95 to 98% of all parents consent to include their child's record in KSWebIZ through the birth registration process. This data includes birth certificate demographics and the birth dose of hepatitis B.

Medicaid Billing System: Vaccinations billed to Medicaid are imported into KSWebIZ nightly. (Vaccinations billed since 1994 have been imported.)

Historical (Legacy) Data Imports: When an immunization provider decides to use the system, historical (legacy) electronic data is imported into KSWebIZ when possible so that manual data entry can be avoided.

Direct Entry Providers: Patient demographic data, historical vaccinations, and administered doses are updated in real-time at the time of service.

Schools: School personnel access the system to update demographics, historical vaccinations, and track school immunization rates with parental consent.

Interface Providers: Providers with an electronic medical record (EMR) system that has the capability can search and update the registry electronically.

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1. Where does the data come from?