Where do I send my reports?

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1. Who should I contact with questions about my permit?
2. How much is the fee for an operating permit application?
3. Where do I send my reports?
4. My Responsible Official has changed. Do I need to notify the Bureau of Air?
5. How many copies of my operating permit application do I send in?
6. What is included as an exempt activity for a Class I Operating Permit?
7. What is a Method 9 test?
8. What is a qualitative assessment?
9. What is CAM? Do the requirements include hazardous air pollutants?
10. What should my semi-annual report look like?
11. Do I have to startup an emission unit for a Method 9 test or qualitative assessment if I normally would not operate it at all during the reporting period?
12. I operate the equipment June to August only. The permit requires that Method 9 tests be conducted twice per year with no less than 6 months between readings. What should I do to stay in compliance?
13. I have applied for a Class I Operating Permit and have not received the new permit; a new MACT standard has been finalized, and my facility will be subject. What should I do?
14. How can I find out if my generator is an emergency generator?