What is the Bureau of Air Monitoring and Planning Section?

The Air Monitoring and Planning Section staff provides technical services and scientific data to the Bureau to maintain and improve Kansas air quality. Activities include administration of the air monitoring and modeling program and the emissions inventory program. Section staff also operates the air monitoring network, in cooperation with two local agencies, which provides air quality data from 20 sites around the state. The air monitoring data is analyzed to determine compliance with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) and to evaluate air quality trends.

Staff members also conduct an annual emissions inventory of pollutants emitted from permitted facilities and other sources for the entire state. Emissions inventory data is used to conduct air quality modeling. Modeling aids in understanding the causes of air pollution and to develop pollution reduction strategies in targeted areas. Pollution reduction strategies are incorporated into state implementation plans (SIP) to protect public health, welfare and the environment from the negative effects of air pollution.

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1. What is the Bureau of Air Monitoring and Planning Section?
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