Redevelopment Section


1000 SW Jackson
Suite 410
Topeka, KS 66612



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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Jacobs, Jorge Section Chief 785-296-0721  
McConnell, Joyce Senior Administrative Assistant 785-296-3393  

Long-Term Stewardship and Brownfields Unit 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Schiller, Andrea Unit Chief 785-296-0489  
Allen, Dayton Environmental Specialist 785-296-1666  
Junge, Aspen Research Analyst 785-296-0099  
Mettling, Seth State Brownfields Coordinator 785-296-5519  
Stites, Stephanie Environmental Specialist 785-291-3244  

Surface Mining Unit 

4033 Parkview Drive
Frontenac, KS 66763


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Spence, Marlene Unit Manager 620-231-8540  
Anderson, Tony Environmental Specialist 620-231-8540  
Headings, Luke Environmental Specialist 620-308-7805  
Johnson, James D. Environmental Compliance and Regulatory Specialist 620-231-8540  
Johnson, Randy Environmental Associate 620-231-8540  
Logan, Tyler Environmental Associate 620-231-8540  
Rigensberg, Birgit Administrative Specialist 620-231-8540  
Sanders, Caitlyn Environmental Specialist 620-231-8540  
Worsley, Mike Environmental Specialist 620-231-8540  

Voluntary Cleanup Unit 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Ross, Deanna Unit Manager 785-296-8064  
Burke, Holly Environmental Specialist 291-3247  
Gouge, Colby Environmental Associate/Assistant Spills Coordinator 785-296-1541  
Immel, Allison Environmental Specialist    
Shukla, Vidhesh Environmental Specialist 785-296-6380  
von Bun, Peter Environmental Specialist 785-296-5555