Bureau of Air


1000 SW Jackson
Suite 310
Topeka, KS 66612-1366



Link: Bureau of Air Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Brunetti, Rick Director of the Bureau of Air    




Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Tierce, Pamela Public Service Administrator 785-296-1576  
Roberts, Penny Bureau Receptionist/Senior Administrative Assistant 785-296-6024 or 785-296-1570  

Air Compliance & Enforcement 


Link: Air Compliance and Enforcement Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Ellis, Connie Air Compliance and Enforcement Chief/Environmental Program Administrion Supervisor 785-296-1556  
Jones, Logan Environmental Compliance Regulatory Specialist 785-296-0243  
Paden, Pam Unit Chief 785-296-1994  
Schlaman, Phil Unit Supervisor Performance Testing and Asbestos Control 785-296-1549  
Smith, Vivien Environmental Specialist 785-296-0757  
Thurman, Christy Environmental Specialist 785-296-1542  

Air Monitoring & Planning 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Watson, Doug Air Monitoring and Planning Chief Environmental Program Administration Supervisor 785-296-0910  
Allen, Rasha Planning-Environmental Specialist 785-296-5610  
Bayless, Lynette Planning-Public Service Executive II 785-291-3272  
Deahl, Lynn Professional Environmental Engineer 785-296-0871  
Johnson, Christopher Planning-Environmental Specialist 785-296-1583  
Martin, Mike Data Management-Environmental Specialist 785-296-1571  
McDonald, Melissa Planning-Environmental Program Admin Supervisor 785-296-5610  
Millburn, James Monitoring-Environmental Associate 785-296-4647  
Milk, Samantha Monitoring-Environmental Specialist 785-296-2748  
Ross, Jeff Planning-Environmental Specialist 785-296-8146  
Sill, Alex Monitoring-Environmental Associate 785-296-1991  
Tang, Yao Data Management-Environmental Scientist 785-291-3555  
Waters, Kathleen Environmental Program Administration Supervisor 785-296-1575  

Air Permitting 



Link: Air Permitting Section Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Prasai, Gyanendra Air Permitting Chief Professional Environmental Engineer 785-296-6427  
Alrefaai, Arwa Permit Writer-Engineering Associate 785-368-7030  
Bartels, Stephen Permit Writer Engineering Associate 785-296-6421  
Boac, Josephine Unit Supervisor Environmental Program Administration Supervisor 785-296-6281  
Eichman, Ashley Unit Supervisor Environmental Program Administration Supervisor 785-296-1713  
Halbert, Julie Permit Technician Environmental Associate 785-296-1693  
Kersting, Garrett Permit Writer-Environmental Specialist 785-296-3589  
Parker, Eric Permit Writer Environmental Compliance Regulatory Specialist 785-296-4174  
Reynolds, Matthew Permit Writer Engineering Associate 785-296-1719  
Richardson, Cathy Permit Writer Environmental Specialist 785-296-1947  
Stewart, Jim Permit Writer Engineering Associate 785-296-1104  
Tennis, Jonathan Permit Writer Engineering Associate 785-296-1581  
Tobby, Iniobong Permit Writer-Engineering Associate 785-296-1691  
Yasmin, Florinda Permit Writer-Environmental Specialist 785-296-5231  

Air Environmental Data & Projects 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Prentice, Jayson Chief, Environmental Data & Projects 785-291-3782  
Un, Lyndsie Environmental Specialist 785-296-1582  
Lighthall, Mariah Environmental Regulatory Specialist 785-296-6423  
Hett, Quinton Environmental Specialist 785-296-0679  

Residential Lead Hazard Prevention Program 

1000 SW Jackson Street
Suite 310
Topeka, KS 66612



Link: Residential Lead Hazard Prevention Program Page


Monday through Friday
8 am to 5 pm - by appointment only

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
White, John Program Manager 785-296-7278  
Lindensmith, Mark Enforcement Officer 785-291-3218  
Skov, Eric Enforcement Officer 785-296-3653