Southeast District Office


308 W 14th Street
Chanute, KS 66720



Link: Southeast District Office Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Cole, Doug Southeast District Environmental Administrator 620-860-7230  
Chriestenson, Trent Remediation 620-860-7231  
Dean, Denese Remediation 620-860-7236  
Mrkwa, Jason Waste Management 620-860-7237  
Smith, Brandon Waste Management 620-860-7238  
Jack, Ryan Air Compliance 620-860-7235  
Schultz, Jason Water Supply and Wastewater 620-860-7233  
Lytle, Jared Water Supply and Wastewater 620-860-7234  
Jackson, Tammy Water Supply and Wastewater 620-860-7232  
Patton, Greg Livestock Waste Management 620-860-7239