Facilities & Licensing


1000 SW Jackson
Suite 330
Topeka, KS 66612-1365



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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Agency Helpline, Home Health      
Smith, Jerry Bureau Director 785-296-5616  
St. Peter, Marilyn Deputy Bureau Director 785-296-0131 (Office) 785-506-7860 (Cell)
Jirik, Angela Program Manager, Acute and Continuing Care - Hospital Division 785-291-3552 (Office) 785-207-0195 (Cell)
Kuehn, Robbin Program Manager, Acute and Continuing Care - Non-Hospital Division 785-296-6213 (Office) 785-250-7262 (Cell)
Love, Brian CFPS, Program Manager, Physical Plant Operations 785-296-1263 (Office) 785-221-7418 (Cell)
Richmond, Breydon Certification Coordinator 785-296-2975  
Wilkins, Lois Licensure and Certification Coordinator 785-296-1258 (Office) 785-207-0580 (Cell) 785-296-0127 (Program Number)
Thompson, Debi Senior Administrative Assistant 785-296-6161 (Office) 785-296-0127 (Program Line)
Shaughnessy, Liz Complaint Triage Coordinator 785-230-6465 (Cell)  
Rivera, Kelly Risk Management Program Coordinator 785-217-1436 (Cell)  
Pewitte, Donald State Survey Training Coordinator 785-296-4215 785-480-0014 (Cell)
Sherraden, Cecilia Assistant Program Manager, Acute and Continuing Care 785-230-5182