Northeast District Office


800 W 24th Street
Lawrence, KS 66046



Link: Northeast District Office Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Wilson, Jaime Northeast District Environmental Administrator 785-330-8605  
Wehner, Tyrel Remediation 785-330-8613  
Luna, Nathan Remediation 785-330-8604  
Roth, Meredith Remediation 785-330-8610  
Holm, Helen Water Supply and Wastewater 785-330-8616  
Dolechek, Duane Water Supply and Wastewater 785-330-8601  
Lewis, Tony Water Supply and Wastewater 785-330-8618  
Hotovy, Cindy Livestock Waste Management 785-330-8614  
Hayes, Thomas Waste Management 785-330-8609  
Norris, Christopher Waste Management 785-330-8623  
Schroeder, Lillian Waste Management 785-330-8608  
Kessler, Wendi Air Compliance 785-330-6811