Local Environmental Protection Program

The Local Environmental Protection Program (LEPP), established in 1990, assisted local authorities to develop water protection plans that complemented state and federal water quality efforts. At the core of each plan was the adoption and enforcement of county environmental codes with an emphasis on onsite wastewater systems (OWWS) and private water wells (PWW). 

These plans were also designed to identify broader responsibilities including the management of: 

  • County-wide water and wastewater
  • Subdivision water and wastewater 
  • Nonpoint source pollution
  • Sanitary landfill planning
  • Public water supply protection

Between 1990 and 2012, 103 counties adopted environmental codes that meet the standards outlined in Bulletin 4-2, Minimum Standards for Design and Construction of Onsite Wastewater Systems.  Since 2012, eighteen codes have been updated.

The Watershed Management Section continues to support the LEPP by providing technical assistance to counties, reviewing code updates, maintaining a list of approved septic tanks, and facilitating learning opportunities. 

Guidance & Legislation

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  2. Legislation