Public Information & Communication

The Public Information & Communication Standard Operating Guide (PIC-SOG) provides step-by-step instructions, tools, and templates for planning public information and communication activities to support Mass Dispensing operations consistent with the CDC Strategic National Stockpile Technical Assistance Review (SNS-TAR), as well as all-hazards public information preparedness and response activities.

View the Public Information and Communication Standard Operating Guide Template (DOC).

Supporting Documents

  1. Annex A - Reference Documents
  2. Annex C - Command & Control
  3. Annex D – Emergency Phonebook & Notification
  4. Annex E - Communication Systems
  5. Annex F1 - Health Education Materials
  6. Annex F2 - Phone Bank
  7. Annex F3 - Mass Dispensing
  8. Annex F4 - 77 Questions Commonly Asked by Journalists During a Crisis
  9. Annex F5 - Social Media Guide
  10. Annex P - Memorandums of Understanding
  11. Annex T - Exercise & Training