Storage Tanks

The Storage Tank Section enforces federal and state storage tank regulations relevant to containment of refined petroleum products and fuel system specifications. The Section also provides oversight and direction of investigations and remedial activities at sites where storage tank releases have taken place.

Site remediation may be funded by responsible parties, or through reimbursement from the state Petroleum Storage Tank Reimbursement Fund or from the federal LUST Trust Fund.  Helpful information is provided in the Kansas Underground Storage Tank Manual for Owners and Operators (PDF)  provided by the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program. Submittal of documents for permitting, compliance and facility/site management are managed through the Kansas Environmental Information Management System (KEIMS).

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Updated Corrective Action Policy Manual

The Storage Tank section has updated the Storage Tank Section Corrective Action Policy Manual (PDF).

Updated UST Compliance Forms

The Storage Tank section has updated the UST Compliance Forms to be used by underground storage tank operators. There are also updated forms to be used by contractors for registering regulated and nonregulated underground storage tanks. These forms are required when using Kansas Environmental Information Management System (KEIMS), KDHE's new information management system.

Kansas Public Record Summary Information for USTs for 2021 (XlSX)

Claflin Water Supply Treatment Video

The video documents the investigation, design, and treatment phases of the Claflin project. Carbon tetrachloride and petroleum contaminants were discovered in the City of Claflin's wellfield. A granular activated carbon treatment system, described in the video, was installed to treat all three City of Claflin public wells and provide clean drinking water to the 406 residents of Claflin, KS.