2017 Kansas Environmental Conference Presentations

Explore the presentations and resources from the 2017 Kansas Environmental Conference.

  1. 2017 Bureau of Waste Management Updates and Refresher (PDF)
  2. 2017 Construction Stormwater General Permit Requirements (PDF)
  3. 2017 Kansas Environment Update (PDF)
  4. 2017 Pollution Prevention (P2) Intern Program (PDF)
  5. Airosol Co Inc Fire Neodesha Kansas (PDF)
  6. Bureau of Environmental Remediation Update (PDF)
  7. Bureau of Waste Management 2017 Update (PDF)
  8. Bureau of Water Update (PDF)
  9. Environmental Control Design and Installation (PDF)
  10. Environmental Impacts of Wind Development and Operations (PDF)
  11. Environmental Impacts of Wind Development and Operations KDWPT (PDF)
  12. Environmental Liability Release Program (PDF)
  13. Frito Lay Overview (PDF)
  14. Implementation of Sustainability Improvements at the Facility Level Business Motivations and P2 Intern Program Evaluationand (PDF)
  15. Industry Motivation (PDF)
  16. Kansas Clean Air Act Advisory Group Bureau of Air Overview (PDF)
  17. Kansas Green Schools Program (PDF)
  18. Kansas Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) (PDF)
  19. Kansas Volkswagen Settlement Program (PDF)
  20. Kansas Water Office 2017 Update (PDF)
  21. KDHE WMS Non Point Source Pollution Control (PDF)
  22. KDHE Public Data Tools and Map Applications (PDF)
  23. Keynote Speaker W Chris King PhD PE Brigadier General (PDF)
  24. Lessons Learned Common Gaps and Findings in Environmental Audits (PDF)
  25. Maintaining Continuous Compliance with Air Quality Regulations (PDF)
  26. Measuring Sustainability Progress STAR Certification (PDF)
  27. Nanoparticles in the Environment Tiny Size Large Consequence (PDF)
  28. PFAS (Synthetic Fluorinated Chemicals) Overview (PDF)
  29. Plans Reporting and what happens when EPA shows up (PDF)
  30. Pollution Prevention Awards Presentation (PDF)
  31. Remediation of a Rail care Site (PDF)
  32. Soil Based Remediation of Wastewater (PDF)
  33. USGS Water Related Activities Nationally and in Kansas (PDF)
  34. Voluntary Cleanup and Property Redevelopment Program (VCPRP) (PDF)