Mass Dispensing

This Mass Dispensing Standard Operating Guide may be used during an emergency for the management of medical materials from the state including Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) assets. This template contains all information necessary for medical materials management, including point-of-contact information, clinic maps, flow charts, and point-of-dispensing (POD) clinic management guidance.

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Supporting Documents

  1. Annex A - Introduction, Reference Documents
  2. Annex B - Levels of Activation
  3. Annex C - Command & Control
  4. Annex D - Emergency Phone Book & Notification
  5. Annex E - Communication Systems
  6. Annex G - Local & Regional Resources
  7. Annex H - Requesting State Resources
  8. Annex I - Medical Material Management, Storage & Handling
  9. Annex J - Medical Material Receipt &Transport Operations
  10. Annex K - Local Distribution Site Planning
  11. Annex L - Priority Prophylaxis
  12. Annex M - Points of Dispension Operations
  13. Annex N - Alternate Dispensing Plans
  14. Annex O - Treatment Center Coordination
  15. Annex P - Memorandum of Understanding

Additional Planning Resources