Serving Kansans

The Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Management program serves Kansans by:

  • Promoting the use of Electronic Health Records/Health Information Technology (EHR/HIT) for improved identification, management, and treatment of adults with high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol
  • Expanding the engagement of multi-disciplinary, non-physician team members in the use of evidence-based approaches to support increased patient engagement in self-management
  • Linking community resources and clinical services that support bi-directional referrals, self-management, and evidence-based lifestyle change for patients with high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol


We work to increase awareness about heart disease and stroke, as well as prevention and management and lifestyle programs. Our efforts spread across many partners in Kansas, including:

  • Businesses
  • Communities
  • Educational institutions
  • Faith communities
  • Government agencies
  • Health care providers
  • Health care systems
  • Local public health
  • Nonprofit organizations and others

We collaborate with partners to address barriers and improve systems, so it is as easy as possible for all individuals to get the information, support, and services they need.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the major funder for our program's work.