Prevent Heart Disease & Stroke

By practicing healthy living habits, you could lower your risk for heart disease, stroke and heart attack:

  • Eat Healthy: Eat healthy meals rich in whole, unprocessed foods.
  • Read Labels: Read nutrition labels, follow serving size recommendations.
  • Limit Alcohol: Limit alcohol consumption to no more than 1 drink for women and 2 drinks for men per day.
  • Stay Active: Stay physically active and maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Manage Your Stress: Practice mindfulness or meditation.
  • Quit: Quit vaping, smoking, chewing or dipping tobacco.
  • Discuss with Your Healthcare Provider: Work together and you can prevent or treat any medical conditions that lead to heart disease. Discuss any treatment plans you are on and any lifestyle modifications you can make.
  • Check your Cholesterol: Have your cholesterol checked every 4 to 6 years. If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol or have a family history, you may need to check more frequently.
  • Control Your Blood Pressure: Check and record blood pressure regularly. It is easy to self-monitor your blood pressure, learn how.
  • Manage Your Diabetes: Take the Risk Test to learn if your risk for prediabetes, then if needed talk to your doctor about getting tested. If you already have diabetes, keep close track of your blood sugar levels.
  • Take Your Medicine: Take medications as prescribed. Dispose of unused or expired medications.