Serving Kansans

The Diabetes Prevention and Control Program serves Kansas in four ways:

  • Promoting and supporting healthy behaviors for people with diabetes and those at risk for type 2 diabetes
  • Supporting improvements in the health care system that address diabetes prevention and care
  • Partnering with communities to increase and sustain local diabetes prevention and diabetes management programs
  • Engaging employers and insurers with the aim to improve coverage for prevention and management classes


The Diabetes Prevention and Control Program works to increase awareness about diabetes, diabetes prevention and proven diabetes management and lifestyle programs. Our efforts spread across many partners in Kansas, including:

  • Businesses
  • Communities
  • Educational institutions
  • Faith communities
  • Government agencies
  • Health care providers
  • Health care systems
  • Local public health
  • Nonprofit organizations and others

We collaborate with partners to address barriers and improve systems, so it is as easy as possible for all individuals to get the information, support, and services they need.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the major funder for the Kansas Diabetes Control program's work in Kansas.