Hospital Emergency Operations Plan

The Hospital Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is based on the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS).  The base plan discusses overall incident management and operations for hospitals during the response to emergencies.  Supporting annexes provide detailed operational guidance based on incident functions.

View the Hospital Emergency Operations Planning Template (DOC).

Supporting Documents

  1. Annex A - Patient Surge
  2. Annex B - Security
  3. Annex C - Evacuation
  4. Annex D - HAZMAT
  5. Annex E - Shelter in Place
  6. Annex F - Resource Directory
  7. Annex G - Job Action Sheets
  8. Annex H - Glossary
  9. Annex I - Acronyms
  10. Annex J - Forms
  11. Annex K - References & Authorities

 Additional Planning Resources