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Serious Health Complications From PrediabetesWhy is prevention so important? Type 2 Diabetes is a serious, long-lasting health condition that can lead to other serious health issues such as heart disease, stroke, blindness and kidney failure. If you can prevent or even delay getting Type 2 Diabetes, you can lower your risk for all those other conditions. You can have prediabetes for years but have no clear symptoms, so it often goes undetected. Find out if you are at risk and take control now!

If your results show you are at high risk for Type 2 diabetes, talk to your doctor about getting a simple blood sugar test.

What to Do if You Have Prediabetes

Usually, simple lifestyle changes like losing weight, participating in regular physical activity, and eating healthy can help you lower your risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes. 

The National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) can help you learn to make lasting lifestyle changes and has been proven to cut the risk for Type 2 Diabetes in half. It consists of a full year of support and teaches you how to eat healthy, add physical activity to your routine, manage stress, stay motivated and solve problems that can get in the way of your goals. If you are ready to get started, find a program near you

You can also choose to make lifestyle changes on your own. See the recommendations below and use this guide developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help you take the first steps toward preventing Type 2 Diabetes.

Lifestyle Changes

You can make lifestyle changes on your own. See the following recommendations and use a Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Guide developed by the CDC to help you take the first steps toward preventing Type 2 Diabetes.

  1. Eat Healthy
  2. Be Active
  3. Set Goals

Eat Healthy

  • Make a plan that works for you, so you can stick to it over time.
  • Eat a variety of healthy foods from the major food groups: veggies, fruits, grains, dairy or dairy alternatives and lean protein to make sure you get the vitamins and minerals you need.
  • Cook more meals at home and be smart when you eat out by planning ahead.
  • Watch your portion sizes and choose water or unsweetened drinks over juices or sugary beverages.