Kansas Environmental Conference Presentations

Explore the presentations and resources and learn more about the speakers from the 2022 Kansas Environmental Conference.

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2022 KEC Presentations

  1. Ambient Air Monitoring Update - Doug Watson (PDF)
  2. Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and SRF - William Carr (PDF)
  3. Bureau of Air Update - Rick Brunetti (PDF)
  4. Bureau of Environmental Field Services Update - Erich Glave (PDF)
  5. Bureau of Remediation Update - Randy Carlson (PDF)
  6. Bureau of Waste Management Director Update - Julie Coleman (PDF)
  7. Bureau of Waste Management Diversion Programs - Joel Billinger (PDF)
  8. City of Salina Zero Waste Initiative and Waste Sort Project - Jim Kowach (PDF)
  9. Clean Air Act Advisory Group (CAAAG) Meeting - Rick Brunetti (PDF)
  10. Division of Environment Overview - Leo Henning (PDF)
  11. Electric Generation in an Evolving Energy Market - John Carlson (PDF)
  12. Flint Hills Review - Jayson Prentice (PDF)
  13. Hazardous Waste Permitting Update - Maura O'Halloran (PDF)
  14. Kansas Environmental Information Management System Support - Tiffini Wells (PDF)
  15. Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratories Update - N Myron Gunsalus (PDF)
  16. Kansas Recycling Project - John Colclazier (PDF)
  17. KDHE Disaster Response and Toolkit - Dan Wells (PDF)
  18. KDHE Spill Response - Bill Heimann (PDF)
  19. MACT, NSPS, and Ambient Air - Amy Seeds (PDF)
  20. PFAS in the Aquatic Environment and Wastewater - Dane Boring and Tom Stiles (PDF)
  21. Spill Reporting in Kansas - Delbert Smith (PDF)
  22. Sustainable Solutions: Wastewater to Renewal Natural Gas in Dodge City - Ray Slattery (PDF)
  23. UCMR5 and PFAS - Cathy Tucker-Vogel (PDF)
  24. UST Property Redevelopment Fund - Stephanie Pfannenstiel (PDF)
  25. Voluntary Cleanup and Property Redevelopment Program Updates - Brittany Frost (PDF)
  26. Wastewater Surveillance in Kansas - John Anderson (PDF)