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Explore the presentations from the 2023 and 2022 Kansas Environmental Conferences.

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2023 Kansas Environmental Conference Presentations

  1. Acid Mine Drainage- Paul Behum OSMRE
  2. Bureau Director Updates- KDHE DOE (PDF)
  3. Bureau of Air Compliance and Enforcement CAAAG Update- Connie Ellis KDHE BOA (PDF)
  4. Bureau of Air Monitoring and Planning Section Update CAAAG- Doug Watson KDHE BOA (PDF)
  5. Chlorinated Solvent Remediation Via Hydraulic Emplacement of Zero-Valent Iron and In-Situ Bioremediation- Chris Voci Terraphase (PDF)
  6. Climate and Tornadoes: What We Do and Don't Know, and What This Means for Kansas- Todd Moore FHSU (PDF)
  7. Construction Stormwater Permit- Larry Hook KDHE BOW
  8. Critical Mineral Research- Franek Hasiuk KSG (PDF)
  9. Environmental Compliance Strategies for Large Projects- Tausha Fanslau Panasonic (PDF)
  10. Environmental Education- Rachel Wahle KACEE (PDF)
  11. Environmental Services Contract Workshop- Randy Carlson KDHE BER (PDF)
  12. EPA Enforcement Update- David Cozad EPA (PDF)
  13. EPA's PFAS Roadmap, the Regulations Surrounding It and the Analytical Toolbox to Support It- Charles Neslund Eurofins (PDF)
  14. Ethics and Data Integrity in Environmental Laboratories- Matthew Jones KDHE KHEL (PDF)
  15. Forming Partnerships to Improve Water Quality- Ron Graber KSRE (PDF)
  16. Hazardous Waste Generator Workshop Advanced Course- Brian Burbeck KDHE BWM (PDF)
  17. Hazardous Waste Generator Workshop Basic Course- Brian Burbeck KDHE BWM (PDF)
  18. Heartland Environmental Justice Center- Jeff Severin HEJC WSU and Tonya Bronleewe EFC WSU(PDF)
  19. Industrial Stormwater Permit Overview- Eric Staab KDHE BOW (PDF)
  20. Industrial Water Conservation Studies- Allison Crowther and Arthur Fink KSU PPI (PDF)
  21. Industry Source Reduction Cases-Cris Brazil KSU PPI, Alex Tobia Spirit AeroSystems and Tara Calley Kalmar (PDF)
  22. Information for Planning and Consultation (IPAC)- John Miesner FWS (PDF)
  23. Kanas Environmental Laboratory Improvement Program Office (ELIPO): Program Update- Amy Suggitt KDHE KHEL(PDF)
  24. KEIMS Presentation- Tiffini Wells KDHE BER (PDF)
  25. Market Impacts on Material Recovery Facilities- Charlie Sedlock Hamm (PDF)
  26. Milepost 14 Oil Spill Response- Jennifer Nichols and Dan Wells KDHE BEFS (PDF)
  27. National Environmental Policy Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL)- Mark Lunsford Geotechnology (PDF)
  28. Nutrient Management Plan Discussion- Kelly Haller KDHE BEFS (PDF)
  29. NW Kansas Mineralization Study- Todd Moore FHSU (PDF)
  30. Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)- Cathy Tucker-Vogel KDHE BOW (PDF)
  31. Planning for the Future of Power Generation- Kayla Messamore Evergy (PDF)
  32. Pretreatment 101- Steve Caspers KDHE BOW (PDF)
  33. Recycling- Confidence and Quality- Cassandra Ford Recycling Partnership (PDF)
  34. Renewable Natural Gas and Renewable Diesel in Kansas- Jennifer Nelson Seaboard (PDF)
  35. Right-To-Know- Michael Seastrom KDHE BOCHS (PDF)
  36. Salinity and Uranium Contamination in the High Plains Aquifer in the Upper Arkansas River Corridor- Don Whittemore KGS (PDF)
  37. Science Unit Presentation- Katy White KACEE (PDF)
  38. Solvent Parts Washing Alternative Testing- Mary Baker and Cris Brazil KSU PPI (PDF)
  39. The Food Too Good to Waste Eudcation Program in Kansas- Stan Slaughter Missouri Organic Compost (PDF)
  40. The Recent SCOTUS Ruling and Changes to Section 404 Permitting- Jack Finley Geotechnology (PDF)
  41. Trashed Food- Impacts and Actions- Jacob Larson KSU PPI, Nancy Larson KSU PPI and Sheila Regehr Kroger (PDF)
  42. Water Supply Acquisition- Earl Lewis and Lane Letourneau KDA DWR (PDF)