2021 Kansas Environmental Conference Presentations

  1. Air Issues Flint Hills Burn (PPTX)
  2. Air Issues General Permitting (PPT)
  3. Air Issues Volkswagen (PPT)
  4. Blizzard Energy (MP4)
  5. Bureau of Air Updates (PPTX)
  6. Bureau of Environmental Remediation Updates (PPTX)
  7. Bureau of Waste Management Updates (PPT)
  8. Bureau of Water Updates (PPT)
  9. CAFO Feces Whats all the Stink About (PPTX)
  10. Case Studies BER Biosparging Groundwater Remediation, Stickel Cleaners Manhattan (PPTX)
  11. Case Studies BER Boeing Groundwater Remediation, Wichita (PPT)
  12. Case Studies BER Former American Cleaners Haysville, Emergency Response and Remediation Moving Forward (PPTX)
  13. Case Studies BER Sunflower AAP Munitions Remediation (PPTX)
  14. Climate Change and Energy Advocacy (PDF)
  15. Climate Impact of Increased Rainfall on Small Arid Landfills (PPT)
  16. DOE Informaiton Technology AB Manager a Modern Day Tool for Laboratory Certification (PPTX)
  17. DOE Informaiton Technology Bureau of Water Update on Reporting Rule KEIMS (PPT)
  18. DOE Informaiton Technology Using Social Media (PPTX)
  19. Emergency Response Corp of Engineers (PDF)
  20. Emergency Response KHEL (PPTX)
  21. Energy Bowersock Hydro Plant (PPTX)
  22. Energy I 70 Evergy (PPTX)
  23. Energy Landfill Gas Management (PDF)
  24. Energy Methods for Reducing Energy Usage (PPTX)
  25. Environment Conference Slideshow with 30 Anniversary Video (MP4)
  26. Environmental Initiatives in Cities City of Manhattan (PPTX)
  27. Environmental Initiatives in Cities Redevelopment of Former Farmland Nitrogen Plant Site (PPTX)
  28. Environmental Testing Monitoring Ambient Air Monitoring (PPTX)
  29. Environmental Testing Monitoring Asbestos Testing 101 (PPT)
  30. Environmental Testing Monitoring Testing 101 (PPT)
  31. Federal Updates Chemical Facility Anti Terrorism Standards Information and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Resources (PPTm)
  32. Federal Updates EPA Updates (PPT)
  33. Harmful Algal Blooms Fundamentals and Overview of Current HAB Response and Mitigation Activities (PDF)
  34. Hazardous Waste Corrective Action Program Update Overview of RCRA Program in KS (PPT)
  35. Hazardous Waste Corrective Action Program Update Pilot Project to Remediate Nitrate Contamination in Groundwater (PPTX)
  36. Industrial Pretreatment Program Update (PPT)
  37. Industrial Pretreatment Whats Up With Laboratory Certification (PPTX)
  38. Kansas Aquatic Biodiversity Center 3.0 Dan Mosier II
  39. KS Environmental Updates Leo Henning
  40. KS Health and Environmental Laboratories Updates (PPTX)
  41. Livestock and Environmental Issues Watershed Management (PPT)
  42. Nature Conservancy of Kansas Rob Manes
  43. Nitrates in Groundwater Brewster KS (PPT)
  44. Nitrates in Groundwater Drinking Water Protection (PPT)
  45. Nitrates in Groundwater Nutrient Impacts on PWS SDWA (PPT)
  46. Not for Profit Protecting Water Quality of Developing Recreational Uses on the Kaw (PPT)
  47. Not for Profit Successful Partnership between an NGO and Government Agencies in Acquiring and Restoring Lands for Natural Resources (PPTX)
  48. Not for Profit Using Conservation Easements to Protect Prime Farmland and Prairie (PPTX)
  49. PFAS at Military Bases (PPT)
  50. PFAS Inventory Project (PPTX)
  51. PFAS Update on Emerging Contaminants (PPT)
  52. Smithfield Kansas Video Project JC 2018 (MP4)
  53. Smithfield Kansas video project Wichita 2019 (MP4)
  54. Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Inspections Overview of Compliance and Enforcement Program (PPTX)
  55. Stormwater Construction Stormwater Permitting Overview (PPTX)
  56. Stormwater Industrial Stormwater and Wastewater (PPTX)
  57. Superior Essex (MP4)
  58. Via Christi (MP4)
  59. Waste Reduction Recovery and Re Use of Food Waste (PPTX)
  60. Waste Reduction Reducing Yard Waste Through Composting (PPTX)