Manage Your Arthritis

Learn ways to still live the life you want with arthritis. Your choices to improve are known as "self-management strategies". Here are 5 arthritis management strategies that can be used at any age:

  1. 1. Learn Skills
  2. 2. Be More Physically Active
  3. 3. Talk to Your Doctor
  4. 4. Set a Weight Loss Goal
  5. 5. Protect Your Joints

Learn Skills

Communities offer evidence-based programs - Enhanced®Fitness or Walk With Ease - specifically for those with arthritis. Former members of these classes share the benefits they noticed:

  • I feel more in control of my health
  • I now know how to manage my pain and symptoms -I can do daily activities that were once difficult
  • I have less stress and a better mood
  • I am more confident when talking to my spouse and doctor about what I am experiencing