KDHE HABs Historical Data

The KDHE response program has been formally tracking HABs in Kansas lakes since 2010. View a map with links to historical data by waterbody. On the map, navigate to the lake of your choosing. As you zoom in on a site, the data will be displayed in the pane on the bottom of the window. To download, select the "Options" dropdown in the bottom pane, then select "Export all to CSV".

Waterbody Advisories

In this section, view county-level maps of HABs waterbody advisories issued in each year since 2010. These advisories account for KDHE in-house data and do not necessarily represent advisories due to visual confirmation or outside data sources. As the understanding of Harmful Algal Blooms in Kansas has increased over time, the advisory levels for blue-green algae and microcystin have changed. The advisory threshold level for each year are listed below each county-level map.

Harmful Algal Bloom Documents