Kansas ESF 8 (Health & Medical) Network

The Kansas ESF 8 (Health and Medical) Network is an avenue to provide relevant and current information related to Emergency Support Function 8 (Health and Medical) preparedness efforts in Kansas to interested individuals and entities.

This network will be utilized to communicate preparedness, planning, response, and recovery-related information. For example, the Preparedness team will provide updates on Kansas Response Plan revision efforts including revisions of the ESF 8 Annex, Biological Incident Annex and other supporting annexes. Information concerning upcoming task forces, planning groups and other ESF 8 related activities may also be shared.

The Network has its own email address to provide these updates and information, as well as receive Kansas ESF 8-related questions. The Kansas ESF 8 email account will be monitored by a team of Preparedness staff to ensure that questions and concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently.