System for Emergency Response Volunteers in Kansas (SERV-KS)

SERV-KS LogoSystem for Emergency Response Volunteers in Kansas (SERV-KS) is a web-based alerting, management, and credentialing system used by the Kansas Department of Health and Kansas Medical Reserve Corps Unit Leaders for the management of volunteers who desire to support public health activities and emergencies.

SERV-KS improves the efficiency of volunteer deployment and utilization by verifying in advance the credentials of volunteer healthcare professionals. This pre-registration and pre-verification of potential volunteers enhance the state's ability to quickly and efficiently send and receive appropriate health professionals as needed to assist with an emergency response.

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Becoming a Volunteer

SERV-KS is open to volunteers of all backgrounds, not just healthcare professionals. During an incident, a wide variety of volunteers and skillsets will be needed, such as emergency management, interpreters, or security. If you are interested in volunteering to help Kansans, register today. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of their profession.

SERV-KS is also the primary tool for volunteer management for Kansas Medical Reserve Corp (MRC) Units. Unit Coordinators are working to enroll their volunteers into the program. If you are interested in joining a Kansas MRC Unit, please visit the Kansas Medical Reserve Corps page.