Systems Navigation Training for Families

A free Care Coordination training for parents with special needs children is being offered by the Kansas - Special Health Care Needs Program. Parents will learn how to identify a medical home, plan for transitions, cope with stress, locate support systems, learn advocacy skills, organize and find resources, navigate health care and insurance systems, and increase communication and coordination between multiple providers.

"This is a fun and interactive training where families can learn together and support each as they strive to navigate the complex systems of care available to their children." Kayzy Bigler, Co-facilitator and Parent of a child with Special Health Care Needs

This one-day training is held from 9 am to 5 pm with lunch provided. Families that participate in the full-day training and complete both the pre and post-survey receive a $100 VISA gift card to assist them in covering the cost of travel and child care expenses (one per family). This training is for adults only and child care is not provided.

Watch for information on upcoming training opportunities.