Communication Platforms

Preparedness hosts four IT systems, which can be utilized at state and local levels to assist and support preparedness efforts.

Kansas Health Alert Network (KS-HAN)

Kansas Health Alert NetworkKS-HAN is a secure, web-based electronic communication system that enables local and state emergency health and safety entities to share public and environmental health and general emergency preparedness information rapidly. The system allows users to send, receive and discuss information in a secure environment. It also allows for the rapid notification of any and all users in the event of an emergency, when the timely distribution of recommendations on investigation, prevention and treatment is critical. KS-HAN is an invitation-only registration system.

Kansas System for the Early Registration of Volunteers (K-SERV)

Kansas System for the Early Registration of VolunteersThe Kansas System for the Early Registration of Volunteers (K-SERV) is a secure registration system and database for volunteers willing to respond to public health emergencies or other disasters in Kansas or other areas across the country. It can be utilized as a volunteer management system at the local and state levels, therefore avoiding duplication of information at each level. Everyone is welcome to register in K-SERV.

Preparedness Communication Systems

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has developed a Preparedness Information Sharing Committee based on the Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) and Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) Capability 6: Information Sharing.

The steering committee is comprised of members from KDHE, the Kansas Association of Local Health Departments (KALHD), the Kansas Hospital Education and Research Foundation (KHERF), the Kansas Division of Emergency Management (KDEM), local community hospital, health department, and emergency medical services.

This steering committee was tasked with developing strategies for coordination between applications and processes for further refinement of applications, in addition to maintaining, updating and disseminating a strategic plan and tools with current and future action items. It is ideal that local communities utilize the communication matrix provided by KDHE to improve information sharing and situational awareness between community, regional, and state health and medical organizations. Both documents are working documents and latest updates will be posted when changes occur.

View the Preparedness Communication Systems Matrix (PDF).