Kansas City Care ClinicThe Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) volunteers contribute their time and efforts in a wide variety of situations, from natural disasters to health fairs.


Health care workers, such as doctors and nurses, are always needed. But non-healthcare workers are needed, too! Non-health care workers can provide valuable technical assistance, clerical support, logistics, translation assistance and much more! If you are older than 18 and in good health, talk to a local coordinator today!


Kansas MRC units participate in a wide range of activities. No two Kansas MRC units are exactly the same. Here is a random sampling of just some of the activities that KS MRC is involved in:

  • Give Tetanus shots to residents of Greensburg, Kansas following the tornado
  • Hold CPR trainings
  • Hold handwashing campaigns
  • Participate in mass dispensing events
  • Provide medical support at an Ironman Triathalon
  • Provide vaccinations at local voting sites
  • Support the American Red Cross at a Special Needs Shelter

Training for Volunteers

  1. Basic Training
  2. Advanced Training

All Kansas MRC volunteers have a basic level of training requirements. These training requirements are consistent with the MRC Core Competencies. This ensures that all Kansas MRC volunteers have completed the same minimum level of training. Kansas MRC volunteers will be trained in the following:

  • MRC Orientation
  • ICS 100
  • ICS 700