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The Kansas Newborn Screening Program is a collaborative effort between public health, hospitals, providers and the parents of the infants screened. Screening is a public health service available to all infants in Kansas and it is done shortly after birth. Kansas newborns are currently screened for 35 conditions recommended by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Newborn Baby

Some diseases aren't visible, and unless these diseases are identified and treated early, they can cause severe illness, developmental disability, or in some cases death. To test for these diseases, a baby's heel is pricked and a small sample of blood is collected around 24 hours after birth. This blood is then sent to the State public health laboratory where it is tested for several different diseases. If the test is abnormal, re-testing must be done to confirm a diagnosis. Most infants with abnormal newborn screening results have normal re-testing.

State public health staff notify and assist both providers and parents through this process.  If a baby truly has a disease, a system of providers is available to assist the family with immediate treatment.

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Sickle Cell Solubility Testing 

Per the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
A student-athlete must  provide their school with documented results from a previous sickle cell solubility test or they must undergo testing during their preparticipation medical examination. NCAA Sickle Cell Testing Information (PDF).

NCAA Student-Athlete Requirement

Universities are directing student athletes to obtain a sickle cell solubility test as part of their physical. You will need to provide documentation stating that you have been tested and results are pending, and then provide documentation of the results when they are released. 

  • You may request a sickle cell solubility test from your primary care physician as part of your physical. This method is likely covered by health insurance. 
  • You can generate a test order and have blood drawn at a local Quest Diagnostics lab. The testing fee should be $32.50. Learn more about testing.

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Request Brochures for Your Facility

Kansas Newborn Screening Program brochures are available for your facility. To request brochures, as well as other Newborn Screening educational resources, email our Newborn Screening Educator.