Technical Guidance Documents

  1. Solid Waste
  2. Hazardous Waste
  3. Environmental Protection Agency

Solid Waste

  1. Agricultural Plastic (SW-2011-G1) (PDF)
  2. Annual Reviews and Revisions of County and/or Regional Solid Waste Management Plans (SW 97-04) (PDF)
  3. Beneficial Use of Industrial Byproducts as a Fill Material (SW 2020-G1) (PDF)
  4. Construction and Demolition Wastes and Clean Rubble (SW-1994-G2) (PDF)
  5. Demolition Waste: Disposal Without Prior KDHE Approval (PDF)
  6. Disposal Options for Expired or Surplus Medications/Pharmaceuticals (SW-2007-G1) (PDF)
  7. Disposal Options for Large Quantities of Dead Animals (SW-2001-G1) (PDF)
  8. Disposal Options for Small Quantities of Dead Animals (SW-1994-G1) (PDF)
  9. Disposal Options for X-Ray Machines (SW-1998-G3) (PDF)
  10. Distribution of Pesticides by Household Hazardous Waste Facilities (SW-2005-G3) (PDF)
  11. Establishing Waste Reduction Schedules in Solid Waste Management Plans (SW 06-01) (PDF)
  12. Fire Control and Extinguishing Procedures at Permitted Construction and Demolition Landfills (SW 05-04) (PDF)
  13. Household Hazardous Waste 8 Hour Refresher Training (SW-2005-G1) (PDF)
  14. Household Hazardous Waste Management at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills and Transfer Stations (SW-2004-G1) (PDF)
  15. Household Medication Collection by Pharmacies (SW-2012-G1) (PDF)
  16. Landfill Gas Sampling for Reduction and/or Termination of Post-Closure Care (SW-2014-G2) (PDF)
  17. Leachate Sampling for Reduction and/or Termination of Post-Closure Care (SW-2013-G3) (PDF)
  18. Liquid Management and Container Disposal for Household Hazardous Waste Facilities (SW-2015-G1) (PDF)
  19. Management Requirements for Specified Risk Material (SW-2005-G2) (PDF)
  20. Medical Waste Management (SW-2000-G1) (PDF)
  21. Minimization and Disposal of Transfer Station Washdown Wastewater (SW-1998-G2) (PDF)
  22. Mud Trap Waste - Disposal and Beneficial Use Options (SW-1994-G3) (PDF)
  23. Natural Disaster Debris (SW-2009-G2) (PDF)
  24. Old City Dump Corrective Action Program (SW-2012-G2) (PDF)
  25. Preparation of Post-Closure Care Reduction and/or Termination Plans (SW-2014-G1) (PDF)
  26. Sampling Analysis Plan Development for Industrial Landfills (PDF)
  27. Sampling Analysis Plan Development for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills (SW-1996-G2) (PDF)
  28. Sampling Analysis Plan for Small Arid Landfills (SW-1997-G3) (PDF)
  29. Small Yard Waste Composting Sites (SW-1997-G1) (PDF)
  30. Solid and Hazardous Waste Recordkeeping Requirements (HW-2015-G1) (PDF)
  31. Spoiled or Contaminated Grain Disposal - Revised April 3, 2021 (Formerly SW-1998-G6) (PDF)
  32. Tonnage Report and Fee Calculation Form for Landfills (SW-2008-G1) (PDF)
  33. Tonnage Report and Fee Calculation Form for Transfer Stations (SW-2008-02) (PDF)
  34. Tree and Brush Mulch Processing and Storage Areas (SW-2008-G3) (PDF)
  35. Waste Screening and General Operations at Construction and Demolition Landfills (SW-2002-G1) (PDF)
  36. Wastes Containing Lead-Based Paint (SW-2010-G1) (PDF)
  37. White Goods Storage, Recycling and Disposal (SW-1995-G2) (PDF)