1. Bureau of Waste Management
  2. KDHE & Division of Environment
  3. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Technical Guidance

Bureau of Waste Management Policies

  1. Storage and Disposal of Wastes From Methamphetamine Laboratories (P) - (PDF)
  2. Permit Exception for Remediation of Illegal Drug Manufacturing Sites (P) - (PDF)
  3. Requirement for Landfill Construction Quality Assurance (P) - (PDF)
  4. Intermediate Cover at Waste Tire Monofills (P) - (PDF)
  5. Storage of Unapproved Wastes Screened From Construction and Demolition Landfills (P) - (PDF)
  6. Separation From and Monitoring of Groundwater at Solid Waste Landfills (P) - (PDF)
  7. Construction at Solid Waste Processing Facilities and Disposal Areas Prior to Permit Issuance/Modification (P) - (PDF)
  8. Leachate Collection Systems at New Small Landfills (P) - (PDF)
  9. Landfill Leachate Analysis Reporting (P) - (PDF)
  10. Disposal Requirements for TSE Tested Cattle Carcasses (P) - (PDF)
  11. Notifying Agencies About Proposed New Solid Waste Facilities and Expansions (P) - (PDF)
  12. Electronic Waste Management in Kansas Landfills (P) - (PDF)
  13. Enhanced Waste Screening at Construction and Demolition Landfills (P) - (PDF)
  14. Waste Tire Management at Salvage Yards (P) - (PDF)
  15. Solid Waste Management Planning Committee Member Information Requirements (P) - (PDF)
  16. Listing Amendment for F019 Wastewater Treatment Sludges (P) - (PDF)
  17. Public Review and Comment for Changes to Cover Frequency and Gas Monitoring Frequency at Small Landfills (P) - (PDF)
  18. Limit on Term of RD&D Variances (P) - (PDF)
  19. Interpretation of Premises in Waste Tire Laws (P) - (PDF)
  20. Construction and Demolition Waste - Volume to Weight Conversion Factor (P) - (PDF)
  21. Public Notice Requirements for Solid Waste Facility Permit Actions (P) - (PDF )
  22. Enforcement Settlements (P) - (PDF)
  23. Litter and Run-on/Runoff Controls at MSWLFs - Flexibility and Compliance (P) - (PDF)
  24. Compliance Assistance Visits (P) - (PDF)
  25. Permitting Requirements for Dead Animal Burial Sites (P) - (PDF)
  26. Processed Waste Tires - Applicability of the Tonnage Fee (P) - (PDF)
  27. Cutting Sidewalls out of Tires for Landfill Disposal (P) - (PDF)
  28. Solid Waste Processing Versus Recycling (P) - (PDF)
  29. Solid and Hazardous Waste Enforcement (P) - (PDF)
  30. HHWs That Accept CESQG and KSQG Waste (P) - (PDF)
  31. Variances to the Local Government Financial Test (P) - (PDF)
  32. Regulatory Status of Pharmaceuticals Collected by Take-Back Programs (P) - (PDF)
  33. Access and Boundary Controls at Solid Waste Landfills (P) - (PDF)
  34. Regulation of Pharmaceuticals From Non-Exempt Generators of Hazardous Waste (P) - (PDF)
  35. Use of Day Accumulation Containers (P) - (PDF)
  36. Recycling Waste Tires as Craft Projects (P) - (PDF)
  37. Solvent-Contaminated Wipes (P) - (PDF)
  38. Permit Renewal and Financial Assurance Requirements for Landfills Operating Post-Closure Environmental Monitoring Systems (P) - (PDF)
  39. Reduction and/or Termination of Post-Closure Care Activities (PDF)
  40. Final Cover at Waste Tire Monofills (P) - (PDF)
  41. Classification of Non-Compliance with Solid Waste Statutes and Regulations (P) - (PDF)
  42. Liability Insurance Requirements for Solid Waste Disposal Areas and Processing Facilities (P) - (PDF)
  43. Disposal of Solid Rubber Tires (P) - (PDF)
  44. Bulking and Storing Wastes at Satellite HHW Facilities (P) - (PDF)
  45. Classification of Commercial Car Wash Mud Trap Waste (P) - (PDF)
  46. Saccharin and Its Salts - Removal From the Lists of Hazardous Constituents and Hazardous Wastes (P) - (PDF)
  47. Environmental Protection Agency Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule (P) - (PDF)
  48. Livestock Mortality Composting Pad and Roof Requirements (P) - (PDF)
  49. Solid Waste Permit Fees for Reclamation Facilities (P) - (PDF)
  50. Groundwater Contamination at Small Arid Landfills (P) - (PDF)
  51. Criteria for Determining When a Person Is an Operator of a Hazardous Waste TSD Facility (P) - (PDF)
  52. Tonnage Fees for Condemned Properties (P) - (PDF)