1. Bureau of Waste Management
  2. KDHE & Division of Environment
  3. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Technical Guidance

Bureau of Waste Management Policies

  1. Storage and Disposal of Wastes From Methamphetamine Laboratories (PDF)
  2. Permit Exception for Remediation of Illegal Drug Manufacturing Sites (PDF)
  3. Requirement for Landfill Construction Quality Assurance (PDF)
  4. Intermediate Cover at Waste Tire Monofills (PDF)
  5. Storage of Unapproved Wastes Screened From Construction and Demolition Landfills (PDF)
  6. Separation From and Monitoring of Groundwater at Solid Waste Landfills (PDF)
  7. Construction at Solid Waste Processing Facilities and Disposal Areas Prior to Permit Issuance/Modification (PDF)
  8. Leachate Collection Systems at New Small Landfills (PDF)
  9. Landfill Leachate Analysis Reporting (PDF)
  10. Disposal Requirements for TSE Tested Cattle Carcasses (PDF)
  11. Notifying Agencies About Proposed New Solid Waste Facilities and Expansions (PDF)
  12. Electronic Waste Management in Kansas Landfills (PDF)
  13. Enhanced Waste Screening at Construction and Demolition Landfills (PDF)
  14. Waste Tire Management at Salvage Yards (PDF)
  15. Solid Waste Management Planning Committee Member Information Requirements (PDF)
  16. Listing Amendment for F019 Wastewater Treatment Sludges (PDF)
  17. Public Review and Comment for Changes to Cover Frequency and Gas Monitoring Frequency at Small Landfills (PDF)
  18. Limit on Term of RD&D Variances (PDF)
  19. Interpretation of Premises in Waste Tire Laws (PDF)
  20. Construction and Demolition Waste - Volume to Weight Conversion Factor (PDF)
  21. Public Notice Requirements for Solid Waste Facility Permit Actions (PDF )
  22. Enforcement Settlements (PDF)
  23. Litter and Run-on/Runoff Controls at MSWLFs - Flexibility and Compliance (PDF)
  24. Compliance Assistance Visits (PDF)
  25. Permitting Requirements for Dead Animal Burial Sites (PDF)
  26. Processed Waste Tires - Applicability of the Tonnage Fee (PDF)
  27. Cutting Sidewalls out of Tires for Landfill Disposal (PDF)
  28. Solid Waste Processing Versus Recycling (PDF)
  29. Solid and Hazardous Waste Enforcement (PDF)
  30. HHWs That Accept CESQG and KSQG Waste (PDF)
  31. Variances to the Local Government Financial Test (PDF)
  32. Regulatory Status of Pharmaceuticals Collected by Take-Back Programs (PDF)
  33. Access and Boundary Controls at Solid Waste Landfills (PDF)
  34. Regulation of Pharmaceuticals From Non-Exempt Generators of Hazardous Waste (PDF)
  35. Use of Day Accumulation Containers (PDF)
  36. Recycling Waste Tires as Craft Projects (PDF)
  37. Solvent-Contaminated Wipes (PDF)
  38. Permit Renewal and Financial Assurance Requirements for Landfills Operating Post-Closure Environmental Monitoring Systems (PDF)
  39. Reduction and/or Termination of Post-Closure Care Activities (PDF)
  40. Final Cover at Waste Tire Monofills (PDF)
  41. Classification of Non-Compliance with Solid Waste Statutes and Regulations (PDF)
  42. Liability Insurance Requirements for Solid Waste Disposal Areas and Processing Facilities (PDF)
  43. Disposal of Solid Rubber Tires (PDF)
  44. Bulking and Storing Wastes at Satellite HHW Facilities (PDF)
  45. Classification of Commercial Car Wash Mud Trap Waste (PDF)
  46. Saccharin and Its Salts - Removal From the Lists of Hazardous Constituents and Hazardous Wastes (PDF)
  47. Environmental Protection Agency Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule (PDF)
  48. Livestock Mortality Composting Pad and Roof Requirements (PDF)
  49. Groundwater Contamination at Small Arid Landfills (PDF)
  50. Criteria for Determining When a Person Is an Operator of a Hazardous Waste TSD Facility (PDF)
  51. Tonnage Fees for Condemned Properties (PDF)