Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative


The Senator Stan Clark Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative (PMI) program (K.S.A. 65-1, 159a) was first established in the 1999 Kansas legislative session. The purpose of the Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative (PMI) program is to provide services to pregnant women to enable them to carry their pregnancies to term. PMI services are based on a case management model that incorporates an integrated, collaborative, and multi-disciplinary provider approach for the provision of a continuum of care during the pregnancy and for six months post-delivery, based on individual client needs and goals. The community service model promotes public/private partnerships to facilitate the availability and ready access to affordable and appropriate care, thus improving the potential for a positive pregnancy outcome for the childbearing woman and infant.

The PMI program uses a team approach to service delivery that includes the pregnant woman, a case manager, and a network of related service providers within the local community. The primary goal of the program is to provide case management services for pregnant women that increase ready access to appropriate prenatal care, thus improving positive pregnancy outcomes for women and their babies. A key component of the program is the provision of adoption services, education, or information.