Household Hazardous Waste

Household Cleaning Chemicals

Household cleaning chemicals contribute significantly to pollution problems. All Kansans can help improve the quality of our water and air by using readily available nontoxic cleaning alternatives

Waste Chemical Disposal Guidance for Schools

Many Kansas school laboratories store chemicals which are considered potentially hazardous to teachers and students. Chemicals that go unused for decades are often inherited by teachers who are unfamiliar with the materials. Labels often fade or peel off, leaving school staff with no way of knowing what substance might be in a container. Schools often don't have the funding to properly dispose of the chemicals so they are kept in storage. Even under the best storage conditions, accidents and spills can happen exposing teachers and students to these potentially hazardous substances.

The Bureau of Waste Management has developed Waste Chemical Disposal Guidance for Schools (PDF) to assist those responsible for administering or improving waste management programs at local schools throughout Kansas. This document provides information regarding non-hazardous and hazardous waste, but does not prescribe in detail all required factors and considerations for this management.

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