Mow & Go

Mow & Go is an outreach campaign encouraging the public to mulch-mow or grass-cycle their leaves and grass clippings. Leaves and grass clippings are a valuable resource that many property owners let go to waste every spring, summer, and fall. Instead of taking advantage of the natural fertilizer that leaves and grass clippings create, homeowners landscapers and property managers often bag up the excess clippings and send them to the landfill where they take up valuable space and release harmful gas into the environment.

How to Use Mow & Go

A poster, video, and fact sheet are available for use by local officials, community organizations, or individuals who want to encourage Mow & Go in their communities:

  1. Mulch Mowing Benefits
  2. Green Benefits

Why Mow & Go?

Mulch-mowing has many benefits for you, for your lawn, and for the environment:

  • Saves Money: Reduces the amount you spend on fertilizer by using what nature has already provided you, yard trimmings! Skip the cost of landscape bags altogether and ditch any additional costs of disposal that may occur.

  • Saves Time and Energy: Mulching leaves and grass in places is easier than bagging, raking, or blowing them to the curb. Save yourself some time and continue with your regular mowing routine.

  • Protects the Environment: Transporting and disposing of yard clippings from your curb wastes energy and contributes to pollution. Once at the landfill, the yard scraps fail to break down and release methane harmful greenhouse gas into the environment. Let those yard scraps feed your soil, while you kick back and relax, knowing you are helping the environment.

  • Grass-cycling contains moisture, and valuable nutrients and decomposes quickly.